We are exactly 76 days out from Christmas Eve and whether as a business owner or a gift giver, it sort of knocks you out when you think of all you need to do. But my goal this season is to take manageable steps as many as I can without undue breakdowns and see just how far I find my business after January 1.

If you are on board with that, then our first step is Halloween. Doing a little something now can help bolster our efforts for the rest of the year. Especially, when we can build our email lists of prospects and customers now to send Thanksgiving and Christmas related emails later.

So here are five fun and potentially lucrative ways to promote your business this October.

1. Decorate. People love viewing holiday displays online. Even if you don’t have a storefront window, dress up the office with fall or Halloween inspired items and share online. Focus in on small displays within your decorating and stretch out the picture-taking one a week. This will help grow the number of eyeballs watching your social media for later in the year.

2. Add some spooky to your company’s website and social media covers Change the colors, put some Halloween creatures on your pages, or whatever you feel like – visitors will love the holiday mood. Just be sure you have it down on November 1 (considering replacing with a fall theme or add a big “Thank you” slider)

3. Tell a ghost story. A fun idea that connects to summer camps, lodges and farms, is to post your favorite ghost stories with a similar locale to yours. We all love a good scary story. You can also run a contest for people to submit theirs. Or have each staff member contribute one (no more than five) and have people vote for the best one online. You can promote via social media and local newspapers, etc. Maybe work with a local radio station that the favorite will be read on Halloween live.

4. Send out a Halloween-Themed Email. Promote your Halloween specials and offer fun tips, tricks, and advice for Halloween and trick or treating in your email this month to your existing list. Be sure to post to your website as well. Be sure it includes a “forward to a friend” to get more subscribers.

5. Reverse trick or treat. Surprise fellow local businesses, clients or your members by visiting their workplace and giving away candy. You could even take over a neighborhood and do the same. Just be sure:

  • your logo and/or business card is included in the candy giveaway so they’re sure to know who did this. Hey maybe you’ve got some promotional items you could fill with candy?
  • you’re all in and by that I mean dress up, paint the face, etc. Depending on the size of your team, you could divide it into two mornings the week before Halloween so you aren’t gone from the office all day
  • bring your camera, take some selfies with your surprised patrons and post to social media to talk about your fun morning!