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Celebrating Shakespeare | Sonnet Printables | 3 Freebies

Today, worldwide, people are celebrating William Shakespeare. One of my favorite celebrations was during my time in Chicago. My friend and I attended “shakespeare in the Park” where performances were held without set or scenery, however, they did have costumes.

While there are many sonnets that others rate as more popular than these, here are three of my favorite sonnets to share with you on this day. Just click on image of sonnet print to download an 8″x10″ pdf version. Huzzah!

Sonnet 60:
Like as the waves make towards the pebbled shore

Sonnet 75:
So are you to my thoughts as food to life

Sonnet 145:
Those lips that Love's own hand did make

New Harrison County Democratic Party Site

In 2015, I begin to work with several Mississippi Democratic candidates running for local office so it was only a matter of time before I’d have the opportunity to create a new website for the county party. The main goal is to strengthen communications on the activities going on not only within the county but the state.

There are Democrats in Mississippi!

You can view it live here:


Swiss Army Wives Need Only Apply

Happy Monday! I have had this idea for today’s share for awhile. I am completely a “Swiss Army Wife.” and by that term i mean a woman who just does a whole lot of things. I think most women, married or not, could been called Swiss Army Wives.

Works well as 5x7 print

Works well as 5×7 print

We work. We love. We cook. We code. We create. We craft. We keep our homes running. We feed the pets. We water the plants. We make sure there are snacks – which is no mean feat in this house.

So praise today to all my fellow Swiss Army wives. Together, we could fix this nation in a month and I’m beginning to grow impatient. Step aside and let us get this organized and fixed so we, Swiss Army wives, can get ready for Easter.

Much love and have an awesomely productive week!


This mama runs on coffee [freebie]

It’s been a busy week getting back to business after time off for the holidays. So I put together a little print to share that pretty much says it all:

This mama runs on love, laughter and a whole lot of coffee.



12 Days of Holiday Delights: Four Free Twitter Headers

square_promo_day10Today’s delight is four free Twitter headers for you to use to in the New Year. These coincide with what I shared on Day 3 with my promotional sales infographic.

I highly recommend changing out your Twitter headers to promote sales, special events or highlight the season.

Fresh headers help your profile appear updated and that “someone’s minding the store.” When so many things feel automated, new headers can help give sense to personality and your level of engagement.





12 Days of Holiday Delights: Five Free Facebook Covers

square_promo_day9Today’s delight is five free Facebook covers for you to use to celebrate the New Year.

Changing out your Facebook photo covers seasonally or by holiday is a good idea for several reasons.

When visitors land on your Facebook page, the cover photo is the first thing they see. Fresh covers help your page appear updated and most visitors will review your page to see what else has changed. Ideally, if you keep to Facebook’s rule of 20% text, you can create cover photos to to direct fans to a custom app, showcase of products, an exclusive holiday deal, etc.






12 Days of Holiday Delights: 3 Frozen Quote Printables

I have young ones so Frozen is a favorite movie in this house.

Sharing three favorite quotes from the movie as 8×10 prints.
Just click the links below to download the pdf.





Woo-Hoo! Redesigned Lil Shrimps Swim Academy site is live

One of the best moments for a web creator is to “switch on” a new web site. It is such a feeling of satisfaction and one I felt this morning as the new and improved website for Lil Shrimps Swim Academy launched.

My son has had lessons there the last two summers. They are wonderful instructors, wonderful people and I was so happy to work with them on this.

We will continue to add content on water safety and “Life at LSSA” in spring and summer 2015 as the swim season gets underway. It was important to launch the site now for people to register their children for lessons – swimming books up fast down here on the Coast.

You can view it live here:


Four Black Friday Email Campaign Musts

Still scrambling on your email campaign for Black Friday, Small Business Saturday or Cyber Monday sales? Fear not. I’ve got a few ideas and resources for you. Here are my five musts for any strong email campaign this time of year.

Here’s my visual nutshell. Read on for more details:
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