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New Harrison County Democratic Party Site

In 2015, I begin to work with several Mississippi Democratic candidates running for local office so it was only a matter of time before I’d have the opportunity to create a new website for the county party. The main goal is to strengthen communications on the activities going on not only within the county but the state.

There are Democrats in Mississippi!

You can view it live here:


Woo-Hoo! Redesigned Lil Shrimps Swim Academy site is live

One of the best moments for a web creator is to “switch on” a new web site. It is such a feeling of satisfaction and one I felt this morning as the new and improved website for Lil Shrimps Swim Academy launched.

My son has had lessons there the last two summers. They are wonderful instructors, wonderful people and I was so happy to work with them on this.

We will continue to add content on water safety and “Life at LSSA” in spring and summer 2015 as the swim season gets underway. It was important to launch the site now for people to register their children for lessons – swimming books up fast down here on the Coast.

You can view it live here:


Size & Font Matter for Logos

Earlier this week, I picked up embroidered shirts for one of my clients – the first shirts to have the new “cleaned up” logo I redesigned last year for them (the one they had before really didn’t work and the original file could not be found so excellent time for a modified look).

To me, how a logo looks in stitching is a big test. If you don’t need to modify much, it’s a good sign the logo will hold up for other promotional needs. I’m happy to say this one was (and not just me – the embroidery guy was definitely not rolling his eyes or grumbling at me about the design so yay!)

One logo across materials

One logo across various mediums

Here are my main considerations of a logo – the first hoops I jump logo concepts through to be sure they’ll work before a client seems them.
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Marathon Project Update & Freebie

As some of you know, I’m working to complete a “marathon design project.”

In November 2014 as I began to create print art and sell in my etsy store, I came across this inspiring woman, Lisa Sonora and her “1008 Paintings Project.” I felt the nudge to create my own – the goal being I would get better at design, a relatively new skillset I was taking on and where I lacked confidence. So 1,008 Posters are on their way, slowly but surely.

I bit off a little more than I wanted to chew initially by doing prints of the 50 states. I’ve noticed similar things have happened to those that started creating logos of Minnesota’s 10,000 lakes (uh, yipes!). I actually did four of each state so we’re closing in on 200 designs when this is done. But it’s been a good practice in following through, consistency, etc. I’ve got 11 states to add – home stretch people! Read more

Finding the day’s focus [and freebie print]

Happy Monday! So far, it’s been pretty productive. The past week, I’ve been researching and trying to develop a morning routine that will motivate and energize me into my day. One component has been to read the Daily Word from Unity before getting to work. One of the lines “wowed” me and so I decided to turn it into a print for my wall that I’ll see each morning… And I decided to share it with anyone else who might enjoy.

Each morning, I point my compass towards my highest good
[my added line] and thus, no day is lost.


Click image to download pdf of shown print.


Out of My Studio: Animal Rescue Tee

I love being able to help non-profits. One of my favorite ways is through a site called It allows non-profits to post a marketing or design project they need help with and professionals can offer their feedback or concepts for no cost.

This allows me some fun. When I have down time I can hop on there and see who I can help out. Gives them a boost and my skills and karma go up too.

This past week, I was happy to post a tee shirt concept for a big dog rescue organization in South Carolina. And I’m even happier to say they plan to sell it in the near future to increase donations. I’m not sure what the final shirt color will be but here’s the mockup I created on a gray-colored tee.


I came up with the message on the front “I believe in second chances and happy endings. I believe in animal rescue.” The back contains an existing line form their website I really liked along with their URL.

So if you are or would like to design, copywrite or just be creative, you may want to reach out and help those on


Marathon Project Progress: U.S. States

Several months ago, as a way to strengthen my design skills, I set myself a marathon project. My plan is to create 1,008 pieces of poster art. I’ve been sharing these on my other site, Porch Swing Living, as well as on pinterest and etsy, and now I’m going to give periodic updates here.

Right now, I’ve been putting out prints on the U.S. States.




While at first it does not look too difficult, the challenge with these is

  • can I handle the tedium of doing all 50
  • every one has to be formatted slightly; never as simple as just switching the state in the back
  • I’m learning some interesting state facts!
  • It’s been a great project and I do think my skills have gotten sharper.

    If you set yourself a marathon project, what would you do?

    Work-in-Progress: Mudcat Report site live

    As mentioned a few weeks ago, I’ve finished up a small website for The Mudcat Report. The site’s focus is sports and politics so we kept to a minimal layout for easier reading. I went with retro featured images to complement the logo and give a nod to the traditional and timeless topics the blogger is discussing without being overtly masculine in nature.

    You can view it live here:


    Work-in-Progress: Mudcatting with Logos

    One of the fresh projects this week was developing a logo for a friend who is starting up a news blog. With title and concept in hand, I came up with three very diverse designs, thinking we’d take a direction and further refine from there.


    But when I showed my friend… NAILED IT FIRST ROUND!
    Woohoo! Which will leave more time to work on the website’s design and functionality for the soon-to-be launched