Locations details:
Great location in high traffic area a block or so from Walmart in Pass Christian on Second Street in Long Beach. Parking for 30+ cars. Tenant will need to do own buildout.

Location shots:

Last business in location: been empty last two years

My suggestion: Yoga & Zumba Workout Center

There are five places offering yoga along the Gulf Coast and four of them are in Ocean Springs making it pretty disappointing for the rest of us. Zumba, a Latin dance fitness trend that is sweeping the country, is only offered by two places.

so why not combine these two health trends into one destination. Soothe your mind and get your body moving. Talk about getting yourself in balance. I’d make the schedule throughout the day be yoga class, then zumba class, yoga, zumba, yoga, zumba. It allows people to stick around for two classes. I would not hold them simultaneously as those doing the yoga are not going to enjoy all the bass booming through the walls.

You could offer monthly memberships – one price for unlimited classes – and 10-class punch cards.

These classes also come with special attire so there’s a secondary income highly available in offering clothing and accessories (CDs, yoga mats, etc.) Because the entire country is concerned about getting healthy, you have great community opportunities – helping school children (maybe offering a kids only session for both on Saturdays or directly after school), reaching out to weight loss groups, etc. The location is right next to two apartment complexes so work with the owners for publicity for a discount to tenants.

Combining the words “Zumba” and “Yoga,” I’d like to see a fun word like YoZum or Zumyo. I’ve kept to fresh colors and would really ramp up outside signage for people driving by to get what’s offered and think it looks fun.


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That’s my idea for this space. What’s yours? Please share in the comments.

Do you have a location or business idea you’d like to consult with me on? I’d love to help!