As we head toward a new year and make new plans, I wanted to share one of the best ways a small business owner can utilize my services.
Technically called marketing coaching, essentially we discuss your business challenges and ones where marketing, PR, social media and the like can benefit, I’ll work to help solve with you.

Challenges like…

  • You want to transition from craft shows to online selling.
  • You need to build awareness for your Kickstarter campaign.
  • Your client list hasn’t grown in six months.

Together, through emails and phone calls (and if you’re located within 30 minutes of Gulfport, face-to-face meetings), we will create a plan with actionable steps. We do that for six weeks, maybe seven if we need it.

At the end of the process, you should have some answers to your challenge. In addition, by going through a process with a professional marketer, you might be able to find answers to next challenge without me.

The fee for this six-week program is normally $1,200. If you sign up before Dec. 16th, you will only pay $750. This offer is limited to five new clients. I do this so that I can dedicate the right amount of time, care and resources to your marketing issues.

I do accept payments in installments. All payments are done via Paypal.

Have questions? Ready to get to work? I’d love to start a conversation with you. Please email me at info(at)