Consistent_WBMImagine for a moment if every Starbucks had a slightly different logo. Some used the mermaid, some used an octopus. Some used a buck with stars. The green in Tacoma is forest and the ones in Phoenix use more a lime green. Would you still think they were part of one company or a bunch of copycats? Brand consistency is the process companies follow to ensure people do not even need to ask that question. Assurance you’re getting the same quality and product every time.

It takes an average of 17 impressions, or times, for people to see/interact/hear from your company before it fully registers and they’re ready to buy. That’s why marketing plans need variety, consistency and enduring attention. Marketing is a marathon, not a sprint or one big “wow” event.

So I’ve put together a list for your to review your materials against. Take an afternoon, pull everything together in one room and review. Does your brand picture together or come apart?

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