Good article by eMarketer this week regarding a survey on supporting small businesses in Canada. “The best way to capitalize on consumers’ enthusiasm and draw them into the store, according to respondents: word-of-mouth at 73%.”

And here’s the thing — you can get people talking but you cannot control what they say as a business owner. Yesterday while driving I had a large white truck on my car’s ass wanting to pass. I took note of the business logo on the side — I’ll be sure if I ever hear their name to speak up. Think about when you see a furniture truck going past – what’s its condition and what about the driver? Go past a landscaping company working – are they working hard or five guys standing there? These small occurrences are remembered in our minds when it comes time to make a decision.

Word-of-mouth marketing works FOR those businesses with good reputations and AGAINST the ones not doing well. Part of the benefit in doing a “Restaurant Impossible” or “Bar Rescue” is the transparent and obvious “see we have changed and improved” factor to get people talking and willing to try that establishment. But not all of us can have that kind of transformation. There are ways to make a turnaround but the best advice is to always be proactive and aware of brand reputation.

While we can generate fun viral ways to get locals talking about your business, it’s important to realize word-of-mouth happens on a daily basis. For the sake of your company’s reputation be sure that your business appears organized, delivery trucks are well maintained and that all your employees understand the moment they put on a logo’d shirt, sit at their desk or clock in, they represent your business and should have pride in that. Because I know you do.

The article also shared other top influencers in local business selection — second is location which I completely agree about.

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