WBMDay4SEO stands for “Search Enginge Optimization” and tons of bloggers, services and websites love to stress you out and tell you your site needs it. Which is correct. But with some care and time, you can improve your search engine rankings without paying money. SEO is about making sure you use the “tree farm” in your copy because that’s what your audience types into Google to search for (not “Christmas farm”).

As a marketing professional, I am not for pay-per-click ads or getting some outside source to monthly optimize your site (because in reality they spend less than two hours a month on your site). The paid results I’ve seen do not provide a wow lift versus the money invested.

Instead, focus on your content, invest in original photos (to re-purpose with offline materials) and use this wonderful SEO plugin – if you have a WordPress site.

Squirrly SEO works within your page and post, so while you’re developing the content, you can research keywords that get better rankings. The service also helps you write content that is SEO friendly and they’ll email you a weekly report on your SEO Stats to continually improve. And that’s just with the free version, folks!

So try it out and let me know. I think it’s awesome which is why I’m sharing (this is not an affiliate link; I get nothing but warm fuzzies for telling you).

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