I understand about having a business dream. Maybe you invented a new game or beauty product. Maybe you have an amazing talent in the arts or healing. Maybe you want to help save the world or at least improve your corner of it as a non-profit.

After 20 years in marketing “big business,” well-known brands and the like, I also know few organizations that run more by heart than clout, get the kind of marketing support they need.

I believe these time-strapped leaders need more than someone to design a logo. They need a communications expert who will not waste a lot of money and time trying to work out what sort of marketing they should do. Independent business owners need someone, like an experienced marketer, who can help them develop and implement a consistent focused marketing approach that can work.

Located outside New Orleans along the Mississippi Gulf Coast, White Bear Marketing is my answer to help.

Statistically, it take 17 times of seeing your brand before it really connects with someone.

In collaboration with my clients, I help develop the right marketing approach for their specific brand, target audiences, resources and budget. I believe the strongest campaigns are those that are emotionally compelling, placed in multiple mediums and consistently repeated. You can save time, money and sanity by having an expert who knows the different marketing venues as well as the marketing process that ties it all together.

So who am I? Jeny Dowlin, PCM

jd_KG2Hi, I’m Jeny Dowlin, Founder and Chief Bear of White Bear Marketing with 20 years experience in marketing communications, account management, website development, pr and strategic planning.

I have managed the communications needs of a multitude of brands and organizations both within agency and corporate work environments. My experience extends from retail to electric utilities and includes companies such as Ace Hardware, Oprah.com, LPGA, AARP, Shutters on the Beach, ConAgra Foods and Black Hills Energy.

From my college days as a radio dj to content producing for Oprah.com, I have always been aware of the impact of messages delivered at the right time in the right place.

Combining my years of internet development and communications experience with a deep background in traditional branding, creates a powerful combination for my clients. I delight in exceeding client expectations and jumping in, sleeves rolled, ready to work.

In 2012, I earned the mark of Professional Certified Marketer, a certification from the American Marketing Association. Currently, there are less than 300 individuals who carry the PCM designation.

I graduated from Michigan State University with a Bachelors in Journalism and am currently pursuing a Master of Public Administration with Villanova University.

I am a believer in Local First and a member of the American Marketing Association and Freelancers Union.

Member of Freelancers Union Member of AMA