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Navigating 2014: Today’s Goodie – More Brand Believers Please!

15waysFollowing along with my freebie from Friday, here are 15 ways to gain more “brand believers.” Read more

Looking for my new clients of 2014

As we head toward a new year and make new plans, I wanted to share one of the best ways a small business owner can utilize my services.
Technically called marketing coaching, essentially we discuss your business challenges and ones where marketing, PR, social media and the like can benefit, I’ll work to help solve with you.

Challenges like…

  • You want to transition from craft shows to online selling.
  • You need to build awareness for your Kickstarter campaign.
  • Your client list hasn’t grown in six months.

Together, through emails and phone calls (and if you’re located within 30 minutes of Gulfport, face-to-face meetings), we will create a plan with actionable steps. We do that for six weeks, maybe seven if we need it.

At the end of the process, you should have some answers to your challenge. In addition, by going through a process with a professional marketer, you might be able to find answers to next challenge without me.

The fee for this six-week program is normally $1,200. If you sign up before Dec. 16th, you will only pay $750. This offer is limited to five new clients. I do this so that I can dedicate the right amount of time, care and resources to your marketing issues.

I do accept payments in installments. All payments are done via Paypal.

Have questions? Ready to get to work? I’d love to start a conversation with you. Please email me at info(at)

Custom Site at a Reasonable Price

Is that too much to ask?!

I don’t think so but I know many companies who found out their “web deal” turned out not to be.

Especially when it comes to non-profit organizations serving our communities and creating positive social change. Many times they’re donated a website only to have it fail to meet their needs and is cumbersome to maintain on their own. It doesn’t have to be this way!

White Bear Marketing would love to help eradicate the outdated websites we see on a daily basis.

Most nonprofits and small businesses want to get their information online and keep it relevant. But with small, time-strapped staffs, it can be impossible.  Which is why White Bear Marketing offers site design and training for WordPress-based sites. If your staff can edit in Word, they can edit a WordPress site.

By providing professional, affordable web services we can help those who help others.

Email Marketing still relevant and still working

With so much emphasis these days on social media, people tend to forget marketing power does exist elsewhere.

Would you like to communicate a message to hundreds of your customers in less than 30 seconds?
How about knowing more than half will read the message and do what you tell them to do?

Reasons to Keep on Emailing

  1. Your emails get opened
  2. Easier to keep in contact with customers
  3. Increases participation rates of customers
  4. Improves brand awareness
  5. Drives website traffic
  6. Generally a one-person operation to publish and distribute an email newsletter
  7. Cost effective
  8. Email newsletters are easy to forward to other people
  9. Creates opportunities to cross promote other marketing channels such as social media networks

Need help with finding an email system, establishing your list, or creating a template? We can help with these items and others to make you successful in promoting your business. Contact us today – 865.919.7285.

Getting Sidetracked

We distract ourselves. Others interrupt us. Losing focus is a part of the daily business grind. But there are ways we can get back into the zone.
This past week I’ve been developing a business plan, conducting research and creating a brand identity for a retail gift store. The problem? I created this store out of thin air!

This is how I become sidetracked – I “google” something, get interested and suddenly I’m down a rabbit hole of brainstorming and idea generating.

I love the concept I created and it may very well come to fruition but the fact is I currently have a company I could be focusing on when existing client work is complete. That company is my own.

Does this happen to you? Do you find yourself suddenly obsessed with inventory counts when really you should be reviewing last month’s sales? Or worried about the cleanliness of baseboards when sales calls are begging to be made.

When we become sidetracked the only one we hurt, is, yep, that face in the mirror. So how do we avoid losing focus? Try one of these (hey, I AM blogging right now so they do work).

Give the interruption an appointment. It is okay to say “Thanks for your call/visit. I am not able speak with you right now but can we talk/meet at 3pm instead?” You just postponed a distraction.

Plan for distractions and interruptions. If you work in an interruption-rich culture or much of your actual job is putting out “fires”, avoiding interruptions will provide difficult. So plan them into your schedule by blocking time, usually in the morning or at shift changes for interruptions. During this time, float through the office or work on lighter tasks like checking emails, blogs, etc.

Conversely, create do-not-disturb, office hours. Get strict about your time and make it known to friends, family and work colleagues when you cannot be disturbed. Use an actual “do not disturb” sign on your door, physically close your door, hunch down, hide and get to work. Sometimes in the zany, often loud, ad agency, I escaped to another location when writing an important brief. Feel guilty? You can place a sign-up sheet for people that stop by and share when you’ll re-surface for air.

Have a post-it note brainstorm. When tasks seem huge or overly abundant, I take a blank wall, a pad of post-its and pen in hand. I start jotting down actions – one to every post-it. What will be the next action, and the next, and the next. Seeing it all before me keeps me focused. And when an action gets accomplished, that post-it gets pulled down. Making my progress tangible.