icon_amazing_ideasThis document was completely borne out of necessity so I’m sharing in case it helps someone else too. I get inspired by what others are doing and have little brainstorms which lead to about 1 or 2 good project ideas a day. In the past, the really good ones, the one that caused my heart to flutter and the belly to ignite, ended up on a little post-it note and put on my wall of cork.

That has gotten to be quite messy AND quite depressing to look at. Not to mention sometimes they flutter to the ground due to a lack of stickiness (both literally and figuratively in my opinion).
So instead, I pulled down the post-its, created this document, printed a few pages out and have these placed in a clipboard on my wall. So when an idea hits, I know exactly where to place it.

Whether it’s an idea for White Bear, a client or my home life, the idea gets entered. Having them in one place also shows trends that are helpful. What am I thinking about constantly? Because of the two date columns I can see how long certain ideas take to become actions. And I also have tangible proof of the projects I did accomplish – a little self-booster. Plus in the downtime, I can look at my list and get to work on one.

So there, you go! Write down your AMAZING ideas – the world needs more amazement.

my_star Download “My Amazing Ideas & Project List” worksheet for your use