I understand how the day can get away from so many of us. And for my part, I hate it. I’m one of those who loves a “To Do” list, preferably with small circles that I can color in as I complete things. I strive for order to accomplish as much as I can.

To help improve time management and ensure tasks are getting done I created Daily Marketing Mindfulness™.

DMM_thumbOne hour. Nine tasks. Daily.
This is how Daily Marketing Mindfulness™ works.

Segmenting four of my hours into a block system like this, I have one these “Mindfulness” documents for marketing, sales, administrative tasks and… ancient Chinese secret. They really help me focus my day and accomplish all I need to as an independent business. In addition, I keep a timer on my desk to stick to the time and not spending hours lost formatting database entries or researching tea rituals (yes, it’s happened).

Please take advantage of my organization and download for FREE my at-a-glance one pager on how to squeeze some marketing of your company everyday. I’d love to hear how it works for you.