If you are already feeling yourself “slacking” on goals and/or making improvements to your business, this is a great article from Team Caffeine. Favorite line: “Brands can no longer afford to stay the same, year after year. You must grow with the times. Seize the day – it’s yours to grab.” So true.

Here’s the first way…
1. Get Clear On Your Why
You’re a business owner, which means you’re someone with energy and drive. You’re a risk taker. You thrive in exciting situations.

That’s why when your business is doing well, and you find yourself doing the same thing week after week after week, business starts to feel like a drag.

Going back to why you’re in business gives you energy and drive. Discover your why to gift your business with a new lease on life.

Maybe you:

  • Hoped to provide a nest-egg for your family.
  • Wanted to make the world a better place.
  • Longed to be your own boss and set your own schedule.
  • Aimed to prove to yourself and others what you’re capable of.
  • Needed an outlet for your creativity and energy.
  • Wanted to create jobs for others and boost the economy.

Write down as many reasons as you can think of for why you started your business and why you stay in business. Then 2014 won’t seem like an uphill climb but a smooth downhill ski run.

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